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Thank you to Kickstarter backers

Project Update #1: THANK YOU!!!

Posted by Sarah-Ann Cromwell

Today’s the day, it’s the day we pack the car and take on the Edinburgh Fringe!

Thanks to your support I won’t be singing in the dark & Ana won’t be playing air keyboard as a technician will now be waiting to greet us. We’ll stand out from the other 22,000 artists as you have enabled us to em blaze the diva gigs logo on posters, leaflets, T shirts, hoodies & umbrellas (all printed by jericho printing and promotions social enterprise  so you get a warm fuzzzy feeling as an added reward) AND you have enabled me to present my hard working voluntary team (who have worked from early hours to early hours for the passed few weeks and will continue to do so for the next THREE) with bus passes and taxis. Their only expense now is food (& one of you specifically informed me that I must provide breakfast with his pledge! I promise, and I’ll take a photo!)

I will be face booking, tweeting (@SarahACromwell) blogging (  and video documenting (go to youtube & search Sarah-Ann Cromwell or diva gigs for our channel or click our entire trip so that you never have to wonder how we’re doing & how your pledge has helped us.
An enormous THANK YOU for your pledges, I am incredibly humbled.

Have a fabulous August.

A very happy:

Sarah-Ann Cromwell: Diva xx



More commonly known to those of us that actually have to do it as…






Nervousness and

General frustration

… Well maybe not quite, but you catch my drift. With only one more day to go! I’m running round like a raving lunatic trying to turn 24 hours into 24 days. Will it all get done in time? Stay tuned divas the next post will come live from the Edinburgh Fringe!!

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