#edfringe day 3

Guest blogger: Helen Ross – Social Media & Marketing Diva

Today promised a busy day right from the off, with two of our divas heading off to ‘meet the media’ at fringe central!

Two and a half hours of sitting on a cold, dirty floor in a very long queue of performers and several symptoms of flu later, we appeared in front of the media to work our magic and queue once again for a very long time!

Two successful hours later we were off to premier Diva Gigs: A week in the life of a diva at #edfringe. That’s right our very first performance was last night and after a few slight technical hiccups, we smashed it in true diva style!

Two more hours later, we had also managed to see our friend from the media queue (Maddy’s many mouths), eat, see friends and fall into bed!

Now awake and refreshed we are ready for day 4!


About Sarah-Ann Cromwell

"My name is Sarah-Ann Cromwell Britain's 1st Award Winning Operatic Comedian, 1st Female Singer (in 30 years) of Internationally touring Cantabile -The London Quartet and Awesome Facilitator (unlocking your awesome)! 4 star reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe, WINNER of Buxton Festival Fringe 'Spirit of the Fringe Award', WINNER of February's Cheese 'n' Crackers and Ice breaking, leadership role modelling and confidence coach for the Private and Public sector. Call me 'Diva'!"

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