Diva Day Off: Being a civillian!

The meaning Diva is a ‘High maintenance women’ but the simple truth is: I’m an opera singer, my body is my instrument, if I knacker it I’m out of work. This usually means:

No caffeine: It’s dehydrating, increases speaking speed, makes you cough A  LOT and creates phlem = loss of voice

No sugar:  Instant high followed by an instant energy crash, tiredness compromises technique = loss of voice

No wheat: Bloating and tummy ache: diaphragm hits stomach: acid rises and coats vocal folds = loss of voice

No Alcohol: dehydrating, makes you cough, speak too much and too loudly = loss of voice

Fatty foods: Chip, Pastry, creamy, anything fried, acid reflux coats vocal folds = loss of voice

Yesterday I had my first proper day off….since January….I decided to be a NORMAL PERSON FOR THE DAY! It was brilliant!

I drove to Portabello with Davina my Diva PA. Edinburgh people don’t seem to like Portobello but I bloody loved it. It’s like Blackpool only cleaner and without the stag dos!  We had chips, covered in ketchup in a COB whilst walking along the sea front.  We ate full fat dairy chocolate ice cream whilst dangling our feet off the sea front wall. We went to the FUN PARK (an oxymoron) it was dark, smelt of old  chip fat and housed half filled, broken and stiff coin pushers (you know like the ap you can get on your phone…only…real!)….which kept paying out

and we used our winnings (a whole £2) to play the old fashioned shooty game, ie not a fancy computerised 3D thing but creaky puppets, wheelies and levers that (surprisingly) still spray you with water when you hit the bulls eye.

In the evening I watched an Opera and ate a massive pie from the The Pie Shop and then at 11:00pm filled with sugar, pastry and wheat I passed out…..it was a great day…my voice’ll pay for it tomorrow….blurgh…Diva x


About Sarah-Ann Cromwell

"My name is Sarah-Ann Cromwell Britain's 1st Award Winning Operatic Comedian, 1st Female Singer (in 30 years) of Internationally touring Cantabile -The London Quartet and Awesome Facilitator (unlocking your awesome)! 4 star reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe, WINNER of Buxton Festival Fringe 'Spirit of the Fringe Award', WINNER of February's Cheese 'n' Crackers and Ice breaking, leadership role modelling and confidence coach for the Private and Public sector. Call me 'Diva'!"

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