Opera Singer sells out

Fantastic news!! Diva Gigs is celebrating its first ever SELL OUT GIG!!!! Yup Award Winning, Comedic, Operatic Cabaret: Diva Gigs; A Week in the Life of a Diva (sung by moi Sarah-Ann Cromwell with Pianist Ana-Maria Andritoiu) at MAC Birmingham, 27th April at 3:00pm is SOLD OUT! This is a unique position for the Diva Team. Compared with the number of  miles walked, phone calls, texts, e mails, facebook statusi, Instagram shots and Tweets needed by the Edinburgh Fringe, this gig has been a bit been a bit of a breeze!  …ermmmmm now what??

Well we get to create this thing that the Ed Fringe termed: A BUZZ…how on Earth do we do that?

It’s about getting the word Diva Gigs said, heard and seen 7 times. Yes, people that’s the magic number! I learned this from the Buxton Festival (where I won my Spirit of the Fringe Award) Marketing Pack . If you see something 7 times: Poster, Facebook status, tweet, magazine advert, message board, bumper sticker, E mail, T shirt, Tube ad, Side of a bus, flyer, text, phone call…it moves to the forefront of our brains. Even if we haven’t read a review about it, whether it’s a show or a chocolate bar, we suddenly think: oh I’ve heard of that, it must be good, maybe I’ll buy it. Unfortunately Diva Gigs doesn’t have corporate sponsorship which can spread my face across the billboards of Birmingham, so we’re going to have to get clever. Here goes:

No.1: Forget I am creating a buzz about me. I just can’t do it. I care too much about being mistaken for one of those self absorbed, arrogant, in your face, supposed business gurus that get onto The Apprentice. The ones who are instantly recognizable as making excruciatingly, painfully watchable TV rather than making good business decisions. Nope, I have to switch my brain and market in the third person, I have to create buzz about Diva , not Sarah! As Helga Henry said to me: ‘The hardest sell is to your self!’

No.2: Write a blog about ‘Diva Gigs first SOLD OUT GIG (ta dah) and mercilessly tweet it.

No.3: Hand write letters and cards to people in my working network ie journalists, councillors, business associates, who would appreciate a bit of Diva in their lives. It takes time because there’s no cut and paste, my only legible hand writing is Arial and my dyslexia causes poor spelling and missed out words BUT, it shows that I value their opinions, their presence and their chatter.

No.3: Call the local press: Express and Star, Birmingham Mail, Birmingham Post. Artists under estimate their local newspapers desire for local news stories. Buzz Buzz BUZZ!

No.4: Heres the bit that has been taking my time: RADIO! I have e mailed, tweeted and facebooked: Howard Goodall, Myleene Klas, Chris Evans, Elaine Page, WM Radio, Caroline Martin, Womans Hours, Classic FM, BBC Radio 3 and Heart. First thought, OMG

I am going to have to write a subject heading/tweet/Facebook that stands out from the 100s of others that they receive but which doesn’t make me come across as a bit of a TW*T (see No.1). Blandness doesn’t work, what choice do I have? Quick reminder to self: I am marketing Diva, not Sarah! I do a brain search of all the feedback I have received over the passed 24 months and start to construct the following, personalized headlines:

Music teacher quits school to become Opera singer, ends up award winning Operatic Comedian! 

Pro Opera Singer smashes the class divide with Award Winning Comedy: Diva Gigs

Black Country spawned, Brum resident Opera Singer smashes class divide with Winning Comedy: Diva Gigs

Award Winning Professional Opera Singer smashes the age and class divide with up close comedy

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little bit sick in the stomach at these, but none of it is slander, it’s all, a bit, cleverly worded!

No.4 Call the radio stations! (GULP)

No.5. Gorilla flyering! Taught to me by my Sister and adopted extraordinarily well by Davina and Helen in Edinburgh. The art of leaving a flyer as if you have read it and discarded it ie Restaurant, Pub, Hotel, Club, Cafe, Bar Toilets, tables, chairs, window ledge, menu (bit cheeky…don’t get caught) train seats, train tables anywhere where people queue or fill in forms: Post office and Bank tables use your imagination. Also works well with stickers in crowded places.

No.6 Birmingham Central library do a fabulous service. If you leave them 40 flyers they disseminate them amongst all their libraries. How nice and big community!

No.7 Exclaim Diva Gigs success at the next Birmingham Music Network Meeting – 4pm Thursday 24th April 2014 – See more at: http://birminghammusicnetwork.com/#sthash.3FC378Jh.dpuf

That’s as far as I’ve got for now. There must be a prolific blogger somewhere or well read online newspaper, I just need to find them. If you, you wonderful reader, have any ideas for creating buzz, I’d love to hear them. Meanwhile…..I’m off to re-jigg some of my script as, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Britains First Award Winning Comedic Operatic Cabaret, Diva Gigs: A Week in the Life of a Diva, rated 4 stars at Edinburgh Fringe by TIMEOUTLONDON, Broadway Baby, ScotsGay and Fringe Guru, is performing at Mac Birmingham, Sunday 27th April at 3:00 and IT HAS SOLD OUT!! YIPPPEEE!





About Sarah-Ann Cromwell

"My name is Sarah-Ann Cromwell Britain's 1st Award Winning Operatic Comedian, 1st Female Singer (in 30 years) of Internationally touring Cantabile -The London Quartet and Awesome Facilitator (unlocking your awesome)! 4 star reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe, WINNER of Buxton Festival Fringe 'Spirit of the Fringe Award', WINNER of February's Cheese 'n' Crackers and Ice breaking, leadership role modelling and confidence coach for the Private and Public sector. Call me 'Diva'!"

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